Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picnic and Swimming

Two of the best parts of summer: picnics and swimming! We hadn't done either this summer I am sad to report unless you count that 3 footer we had in our backyard. (empty at current post time- with tadpoles!) So this past Sunday after church we got home, packed a quick and easy lunch and headed to Lake Fort Smith. We really weren't sure if we would go swimming but Gavin and I dressed for it just in case. First we ate our "swamwiches" as Gavin calls them.

We made a mistake of parking too close to the playground area so he didn't eat much but he did take a few trips down the slide and climb around on anything he could.

Here is where he is telling me "momma the slide is hot I just KNOW it". It didn't keep him from going down it about a dozen times!

Finally we made it to the swimming area. Here a a couple of pics. I would post more but Kris took too many of me in them and I don't have the time to crop them today.