Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Field Trip"

Ok- so the little one somehow knows what a field trip is and Thursday requested one from papaw and me after his day at preschool. Now, papaw was working and could not oblige but momma decided what better field trip (and I am using this term very loosely) than a trip to our local park. Thankfully that was sufficient. In addition to the swinging, sliding, and climbing, we walked on the nature trail and looked at bird feeders, spider webs, and the water rushing under the bridge. He even was brave enough to swing on the tire swing for a bit.
Luckily man created this thing called ice cream because without the promise of a vanilla ice cream cone I would have never coerced him back into our car to go home!
Needless to say, the boy had a long full day and it showed. Around 5:30 he crashed on daddy in the "daddy chair" for a little cat nap. He deserved it!! And what a photo op for mom!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Splendor in the Grass!

One thing I am certain of is that my son would LIVE outside if I would let him. Rain, sleet, or snow. (maybe a career with the US Postal Service is in his future!) Luckily, we have finally had some perfect weather; not too hot not too cold. We spent a couple hours outside yesterday and picked up leaves, bark, and pine needles, swung on the swingset and "tried" to fly a kite.
It was wonderful! I love fall and part of me wishes it could be like this year round. But I also know that we couldn't do some of the other things we like like swim or make snow angels if we didn't experience all the seasons here.
We made some "art" (all in the eye of the beholder) with the great things we found and I've added some pictures.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prayer Requests

I often get emails asking for prayer requests from family or friends. A lot of times it is for someone I don't know and don't have a personal connection to. But I pray. I pray because I know there is not only that individual in need of prayers but a family connected to that person who is suffering in some way as well. I have sometimes wondered if that prayer mattered to the person who didn't know I was praying for them.

I am so thankful for the friends and family I have to rely on in times of need. I can always count on them to 'be praying' for me and my family whenever I ask for a specific need. That happened this week in a BIG way! Both my dad and sister were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday. My dad's admittance was expected, but my 28 year old sister's was not. Having both my dad and sister in the hospital has been stressful, probably more for my mom than anyone. It really makes you stop and realize how short life can be. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, even another hour. But we are guaranteed that there is someone listening to those prayers and someone to help comfort us in time of need. Thankfully my dad and sister have both been released from the hospital as of 8:00 p.m today and other than following up with their personal physicians the worst may be over. What a blessing! So in answer to my own question, does it matter if I am praying for someone who doesn't know it? Yes it matters! It mattered to my dad, my sister, and to my entire family! God Bless you all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of School

Today was THE DAY!! The first day of preschool, and Gavin did GREAT!! I was so proud of him! He was so excited last night and even woke up at around 3:30 this morning asking "is it time to go to school now?". He couldn't wait to get dressed and even put his shorts on over his pyjamas this morning. I did manage to get him to eat a little breakfast before we had to go. I really was doing quite well with the whole "your baby's going to school" thing until I was brushing his hair and he looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said "Are you going with me momma?" Whoa buddy did I loose it then. I guess it was the combination of what he said and the look he had when he said it. He has just grown up so fast! I know he is only 2 and 1/2 but he will be 5 before I blink and then 12 and then....
...anyways,I took him into his classroom and all of the other kids that were there were crying. He looked up at me and I thought "uh-oh, this could be bad" but he just kept his lunch pack with him and walked to his seat and let me take his picture. I didn't think I was going to pry the lunch pack from his hands because he was so excited about eating lunch! But he did and then went to play so I said goodbye to his teacher and went back to car to have myself a good cry all the way home!
When I picked him up it took him all of 2 minutes to tell me EVERYTHING he did! He was super excited! "I went to school momma, and I played, and I colored, and I took a nap, and I ate lunch, and I....." and then he'd say "and something else.." He was so animated! I am so thankful he loved it so much. The note home from his teachers said he was Very Sweet and had a Great 1st Day. I am not certain about the nap part though since he passed out on me around 5:3o after our trip to Wal-mart when I got back from having the splints taken out of my nose. He was getting cranking so I knew he was tired but when I gave him his blanket he said he couldn't go to bed yet... Little did he know!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting Well

Ok-time to get blogging since I seem to be the only one NOT doing it!

I just had my surgery last Wednesday for my deviated septum etc. and I have to say it has been one of the WORST recoveries I could have ever imagined. Yesterday was by far the worst day and if Kris had not taken off of work and been able to be here to take care of Gavin I have no idea how I would have made it. The worst part has been the headaches. I can't take the pain medicine because it makes me sick so I just have to ride it out. Not easy when you have a migraine! And it has been hard to not get to play with Gavin and "love" on him like I am use to. I HATE that part! Thankfully I get the splints out tomorrow so maybe that will make a marked improvement. I just hope that is not as painful as having the packing taken out was!

Enough about that!

Tomorrow is eventful for another reason: it is Gavin's first day of preschool and mama is getting nervous! I know he is ready but I know there will still be little melt down moments! (for him too). Thankfully his friend Jake from church is in his class so I think that will help a lot. I am excited for him to have something to look forward too though. He asks to go to Dani's school almost everyday so now he will have his own school to go to. We even made his own special calendar so he would know what to look forward to each day and what he would be learning. He wants to go NOW!!