Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Rant

Where to begin on this rambling? I went to Wal-mart to return something. No issues there. Then as I was leaving I said "Thank-you and Merry Christmas" to the lady that helped me. She just looked at me and stuttered and said "We are not allowed to say that but Happy Holidays- you know what I mean?" NO- I did NOT know what she meant. First of all, Wal-mart is making a ton of money on a holiday that they can't verbally recognize and I am suppose to just smile and nod? Give me a break! I understand their are other religions and other holidays that are at this time of year. But do any of those make it the busiest shopping season? The reason people get off of work?
It is CHRISTMAS!! Christ is the reason for this "holiday season" and it upsets me that people are forbidden to recognize it as such. But I will continue to say Merry Christmas to every person that checks me out at a grocery store or any other store because that is what I believe in!

Christmas Program

For anyone who doesn't know, Gavin LOVES to sing! He even makes up songs! So last night was so exciting for him, and for us. It was his first school Christmas program and to be honest we really didn't know what to expect from him. He is always singing but he has those "bashful" moments when he is as quiet as can be. Last night though he was in his element. He even sang all the songs he wasn't a part of (hand motions and all!) And I being the sentimental emotional one of the group cried while I watched. He has grown up so fast and just amazes me more each day. We were so proud of him.
Afterward, we got to pick up and ornament that the teachers had made for them that had their picture on it. That will definately be one of my favorite ornaments of all time!

Advent Activities

Ok- so I haven't blogged in what seems like eternity. It has been busy around here and honestly I have just not been feeling well. So I've got lots to catch you all up on.

First, as I mentioned in an earlier post, we have our Advent Calendar activites. The first day Gavin wrote a letter to Santa (I know: a very secular activity!) He told momma what to write (tiny tractor and camera- and that he had been good at school and church) and then he got to decorate it with stickers. We are lucky you can even read the letter- He gets sticker HAPPY!!

Day 2 was getting to paint mommy's toenails! SO MUCH FUN!! Actually, it was more like painting mommy's toes! He loved it and then wanted to do his when he was done! Great pics from this one!

Day 3 was singing Chritmas songs- which he does all the time anyway.
Day 4 Was helping mommy make dinner. He did so good! He loves mixing and stirring. The only problem is his facination with eggs!! We somehow always manage to have a casualty or two in that department!

Day 5 was to buy a Christmas present for church to send to Mexico on the 19th.
Day 6 was making Christmas cards. Again, something he loved because it involved stamping and stickers. He was so funny! We had stickers of snowman with their litte stick arms and he decided that they need to have mittens on!

Day 7 was reading Christmas stories. The drawback to this activity is that once you start reading with Gavin you have to be willing to spend hours doing it! Reading for the 30 minutes before bedtime just didn't do it for him, so we picked it up again the next morning.
Day 8 was to dance around in our pyjamas. I have to admit that we did not get to this one. Gavin did not feel well and had a terrible cough so we just decided to skip a night.
Day 9 was to have an indoor picnic. We actually ended up doing that the following day at lunch (today) because he had a Christmas program at school last night. I will blog about that later. We indulged in the usual picnic food- SPAGHETTI!!

And finally day 10- breakfast for dinner. I had to be at church at 5:00 and didn't get home until after 9:30 once we finished rehearsal so that was a daddy and Gavin moment.

So- as you can see we have been trying to do lots. I am glad that we did the calendar this year with the activities. It gives us all something to look forward too and Gavin NEVER forgets that he needs to open the box with the number!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Advent Calendar

I decided to make an Advent Calendar for us this year instead of trying to buy something. I wanted it to be something we could keep and use year after year but also something that had meaning to it more than just getting out a piece of candy each day. It took a lot more work than I thought and 5 coats of paint but I love the finished look.

Each day contains a piece of paper that says what we or Gavin will get to do that day. It is to encourage more family time, especially during the holidays and also to remember what the season is truly about. Last nights activity was to write a letter to Santa. Gavin loved it- and wanted to open every drawer to see what we get to do next. Some of our activities for the month are to take a bubble bath, read the Christmas story from the bible, dress up for dinner, and make Christmas cookies for someone. I am excited and I know we will all enjoy the time together.

Granny Ruby Trip

Gavin and I went to Clarksville yesterday to see "Granny Ruby". Don't ask me why that is what Gavin calls mamaw Ruby. And sometimes he just calls her Ruby! (great manners) We had a great time visiting with her and Aunt Nancy and Andrea over lunch. Gavin was a bit wired up being in a new place but over all he did good. I did manage to get a picure of Gavin with mamaw but he pretended to be bashful. It still turned out cute!

He didn't want to go home of course but he was so tired. He fell asleep before we made it back home. What a great day!