Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Advent Calendar

I decided to make an Advent Calendar for us this year instead of trying to buy something. I wanted it to be something we could keep and use year after year but also something that had meaning to it more than just getting out a piece of candy each day. It took a lot more work than I thought and 5 coats of paint but I love the finished look.

Each day contains a piece of paper that says what we or Gavin will get to do that day. It is to encourage more family time, especially during the holidays and also to remember what the season is truly about. Last nights activity was to write a letter to Santa. Gavin loved it- and wanted to open every drawer to see what we get to do next. Some of our activities for the month are to take a bubble bath, read the Christmas story from the bible, dress up for dinner, and make Christmas cookies for someone. I am excited and I know we will all enjoy the time together.


Laura Bullington said...

What a great idea Jennifer and I just love Gavin's letter to Santa. He is getting so big and he is still as cute as ever. Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas!