Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Important Information

I have been actively involved with Relay for Life since 2003 and try to constantly be up on latest research and findings on all cancers. Recently however I had 4 skin biopsies (still waiting on the results) and it just served as a reminder that we can all do more. There are so many young girls out there that are already starting to go to tanning beds and spending more and more time in the sun even in light of all the research. Please take time to read the following link and pass it on to all you know. Tanning Beds and Cancer
People have laughed at me because Gavin always looks so pale since I always put "Skunk Screen" on him but I would rather he look pale than to be at higher risk for skin and other cancers. We should be doing all we CAN do because until there is a cure...

Southern Living At Home

**Editor's note: Is it just me or are those FedEx workers getting younger and younger?**
Finally-- I got my SLAH kit last weekend and I cannot tell you how excited I am to get started with this wonderful business opportunity. On top of that the product is amazing, the people are inspiring, and it just plain ROCKS!!
Here is a view of what I got:

My pictures do not do justice to how awesome these products are! And with the starter kit I was fortunate enough to get the Mega Kit for free! Those 3 peices alone are worth over $250! What a lucky girl I am.
My hope is to post a new item every couple of days so you can really see the detail- and fall in love with it as much as I have!
I cannot wait to get started. I already have my first party scheduled and look forward to a full calendar soon!

Giveaway All Nighter

I am a follower of the Making Memories Blog and LOVE when they go to CHA! That means even MORE giveaways and this week is no exception! Hop on over to Making Memories, enter the giveaways, read about the fantastic stuff that is rolling out this fall (Pink Slice!!)

and become a follower yourself!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

American Idol Here We Come!

Well, the American Idol Concert that is. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to win 2 tickets from our local radio station to go see the American Idol Concert in Tulsa. Super Excited! Tulsa is not that far so we can drive back and still sleep in our own bed but still have a date! WhoHoo!!

I will say I am already dreading leaving G man behind. Not because he won't be in good hands with mamaw and papaw but he hasn't been away from me overnight in over 2 years!! Not sure who will take it harder! I can take a guess though!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Circus Is In Town *Apparently*

After a really bad migraine day and what seemed like no relief in site, Gavin and I had to make a trip to the grocery store one day last week. As I was dragging myself through the kitchen to the garage door I got quite a surprise. Seems that someone had left a box of (not so)Lucky Charms cereal within reach on the counter. I guess a second someone decided they needed a mid afternoon snack. Here was my reward:
Trying to find a quick cover he said "Look Mamma- the circus is here". Where DO they come up with this junk??
Knowing it was probably a bad thing and also knowing how terrible I had felt Gavin just looked up at me like "go ahead, let me have it" and I just cracked up!!

Mamma Got A Brand New Bag!

On my last trip to Michaels, Gavin, my sister Julie, and neice Dani went with me. I had a couple of returns and no intentions of making any purchases. UNTIL>>> I saw this on clearance!

$25 (regularly $100) for this Cricut carrier and the only flaw was the rolling handle was not working. Something that is not imperative AND that Kris may be able to fix anyway. Now THAT is my kind of bag!

Worm Digging

Apparently they can industrialize just about anything. Atleast that is what Gavin thinks. A couple of weeks ago he and I went to Tulsa with my dad and this is the view he saw from our hotel window:

Look Mamma- they are digging for worms!!
Upon closer inspection:

The Hair Cut

Ok- this happened weeks ago but for the 2 of you that are following along you know I am SOOOO behind on my blogging!
I have learned that when things get too quiet around here I had better start looking for the boy. Unfortunately I didn't have that kind of warning on this day. I just happened to be walking by Gavin's bedroom door and caught him with a handful of hair about to make either a second or third cut. The sad part is that they were suppose to be safety scissors and NOT cut hair!!

As you can see by the look on his face this incident devastated him and I am not sure if he will ever recover!

So I cried a bit, picked up the strands I could locate and took pictures to blackmail him with later.

Just Call it A Teachable Moment...

Yesterday evening, Gavin and I went to Sears to purchase a carpet cleaner. He was in his stroller being his normal fiesty self while I looked at the different models before finally choosing one. (In)Conveniently the cleaners were located directly across from the tv's and other media including the movies- the ridiculously priced movies. After begging for several minutes for a movie that was "his favorite" he finally resumed his place in the stroller. I could not believe how sweet he was being. You know the drill: puppy dog eyes looking up at you with those sweet long eye lashes and that toothy grin?
We headed to the car to load up and drive around to pick up our purchase at the loading dock. When we got to the car he is still being almost disgustingly sweet- handing me my purse, smiling and nodding. Then, I learned WHY! He leaned up from his stroller seat to climb out and low and behold there lies a Space Buddies DVD. My child the Klepto!! I was physically ill! I looked at him and told him we had to go back inside and he smile and said "so I can have it?". NO!! No you cannot have it!! I told him how we don't steal things and how it not only breaks momma's heart but Jesus' heart too and then I made him go back inside and take the movie to the nice gentleman who had waited on us and apologize. I know I did the right thing but part of me wonders if I could have done better before hand to have prevented it in the first place. Thus, our teachable moment...
On a side note, Kris says maybe we should frisk him from now on! Oye!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who Doesn't Want to Win a Giveaway??`

And on top of that, read about a fellow blogger and join in the fun? All that being said, click on the link Simply and see what all the fuss is about.

Now as for the Round Robin, still following through on that but....
Have a great week and good luck to all!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ok- you MUST go to "Chalk It Up" and look at her fantastic Blog!! I am so excited to have been introduced to it by my sister Julie through her blog at Simply Sanborn. "Chalk It Up" is hosting a giveway with several ways to enter. Cute stuff and great idea starter for me!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ride 'em Dogboy?

I hope PETA doesn't get wind of this or we may be in trouble! I know I have said before how much Gavin and Jack love each other and how well the get along but this is ridiculous! Gavin thinks he can ride Jack and Jack just sits there and let's him. Thank goodness for man's best friend!