Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Important Information

I have been actively involved with Relay for Life since 2003 and try to constantly be up on latest research and findings on all cancers. Recently however I had 4 skin biopsies (still waiting on the results) and it just served as a reminder that we can all do more. There are so many young girls out there that are already starting to go to tanning beds and spending more and more time in the sun even in light of all the research. Please take time to read the following link and pass it on to all you know. Tanning Beds and Cancer
People have laughed at me because Gavin always looks so pale since I always put "Skunk Screen" on him but I would rather he look pale than to be at higher risk for skin and other cancers. We should be doing all we CAN do because until there is a cure...


Together We Save said...

I hope your results come back ok. I am a firm beliver in sun screen.