Thursday, May 28, 2009

End of School Garden Party

For Gavin's end of the school year party for preschool, we had a Garden Party. Here are a couple of the different invitations that I made to send home to the parents.

We had such a great time! First we decorated our sunglasses, because you HAVE to have on shades to work in the garden.

Then the kids got to plant a flower after decorating their clay pots and the mess was FANTASTIC!! Some of them were afraid of making a mess but once they got going there was no turning back!

We finally got to the pinata and I never knew it would be so hard! That thing just did not want to burst open. I finally had to start tearing it a bit each time becuase after 9 kids each getting to hit it 3 times, we were ready for the goodies to hit the floor!

After some dirt cake with worms the kids were treated with a goody bag that contained a metal bucket, gardening gloves, 2 metal gardening tools, a packet of sunflowers to plant and a water bottle.
I was so proud of how it turned out and how much fun the kids had. I was just sad that the school year was over!