Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The things a Man will do for His Kid

If these pics can't tell you how much my hubby loves G then nothing will. Kris had something just come over him and he had to create this "carnival ride" in our backyard.
First, he had to climb the 2 trees to put up the rope.

Then after G patiently waiting- finally: THE RIDE!!

After a long hard day of swinging and thanking daddy for the new addition here is what we ended up with!

What a great day!


Anonymous said...

I hate that thing! Scares me to death! LOL! I can't believe how much he LOVES it! Very cool!

Laura said...

This looks like so much fun oh my goodness Aunt Julie you shouldn't hate it!! LOL!! Jennifer I am glad to see you are back in blogger land.. And always glad to see that little G is having so much fun!!

The Graves' House said...

looks like somebody had a great time:)

Together We Save said...

Oh looks like he had alot of fun.

The Wallgren's said...

Our husbands are such awesome people!

Ali said...

Looks like fun! Your son is so cute!