Monday, January 26, 2009

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Gavin is getting over bronchitis right now. He has already been to the doctor but for some reason he LIKES going to the doctor and wants to go again. He even asks to go when he gets a scrape or just falls down.
When I did take him to the doctor on Thursday he had to get a chest X-ray. He thought that part was kind of fun, forgetting the last time he had a chest X-ray and how traumatized he was afterwards! While we were waiting on the doctor to come back in Gavin said "Momma, I wish I was a doctor." I said "You do?" and he said "I will be a doctor when I get big and you can pay ME." I couldn't help but laugh.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! He wants to be a doctor and Dani wants to be a vet! Now all we need is a dentist and we will be all set! And you have to admit that is pretty dang smart of him to say that! LOL!