Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moore's Grocery Store

We have a running joke at our house about taking a trip to "Moore's Grocery Store" aka Mom and Dads house. Dad is the king of grocery shopping and you never leave their house without a bag of groceries. It has gotten so that whatever I give Gavin to eat he now says "Papaw gave that to me" whether he did or didn't. The good thing about that is when I really need him to eat something I can use the "papaw gave it to you line" and he will usually gobble it up.


Laura Bullington said...

That is just to cute! I have heard about the Moore Grocery Store from your sister she would crack me up on what all your dad would buy and I hear he would buy about 10 to 15 of one thing.. That is such a nice thing that he does for you kids and your kids. Julie even got me hooked on some crackers your dad bought about 10 + boxes one time lol..

LaLa said...

This reminds me of Nathan when he was little.... I had to put katsup on everything!!! I know... GROSS!!! But that's my baby boy!