Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cousin Trouble!

If you didn't know they were cousins, you would think that Gavin and Dani were brother and sister. She is so good with him and they play so good together. Then at the drop of a hat they are arguing just like brother and sister. They love each other so much and I am so glad they are close. I hope it stays that way forever.
Yesterday, we picked Dani up from school so she and Gavin could have some play time together. They did it all! Piggy back rides, puzzles, dumptruck riding, and even some games I think they made up. But I think the most fun they had by far was making the "club house" in my scrapbook room under a table. They had every pillow in the house there. They were so funny! I managed to get some pictures but it was hard since they kept trying to cover up all the holes! Such kids!!