Monday, November 24, 2008

Trip with Papaw!

Gavin loves his papaw. As a matter of fact, I think he would move in with mamaw and papaw if I would allow it! Anyways, on Friday Dad asked Gavin and me to go with him to Springdale. He began by eating the sausage and biscuit papaw had got him and then proceeded to eat Dad's too!
The thought was that we would go to the "Disney Store" in the mall for all things Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately it was closed but Gavin didn't care. He was with papaw and life was goooooood!! He rode the little carousel ride in the mall 4 times until we finally had to drag him away so we could eat.

He even got a toy car with track and a horse that he and Dani like to play with.

I think Gavin's favorite part was the tunnel which he refers to as the "train tunnel". (too much Thomas the Tank Engine I guess)Each time we went through he wanted to do it again.
I (foolishly) thought that he would go to sleep on the way home but no such luck. He was too happy and was afraid that he would miss out on something. When he did finally go to sleep when we got home he slept almost 3 hours! Some trip, huh?


Anonymous said...

What is it with our kids wanting to be with their MaMaw and PaPaw more than us anyway? I'm glad (not surprised) that he had such a good time!