Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Talk

What a fantastic Thanksgiving we had!! We went to mom and dad's and saw Julie, Daniel, and Dani, and Jason and Missy and the kids! Gavin had the most fun of all! He got to play with a puppy and ride to the farm on the "4-wheeler"- which is really a Polaris 6 seater!! He had so much fun he didn't drink or eat a thing all day! (I am beginning to question if he is actually part of our family)
With full bellies and thankful hearts I think everyone had a great time. The day just seemed to be too short to talk to everyone and eat and do all you want to do. I guess that is why they put Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together.

The kids also get a new Christmas ornament from mamaw and papaw every year. They love this tradition (and so do the parents)!

What a GREAT day!