Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heritage UMC, where Gavin goes to preschool is starting a bible study this Thursday and I am so excited to be a part of it. It is called "Fight Like A Girl" by Lisa Bevere and I think it will be so beneficial to the women who take it. It is suppose to help women to embrace the differences between us and men and not think of feminity as a negative attribute. We are women and men are men and we are suppose to be different. I will blog more about it I am sure as the study is 12 weeks. Anyone who is interested let me know and I can get you the information.


jacquesweet said...

hi! Love the post! I work for Lisa, and we have a branch of our ministry which is dedicated to the local church. We offer you discounts on books, workbooks, and bracelets for this study... shoot me an Email if you guys would be interested in getting anything at a great discount! jsweet@messengerintl.org

Thanks for sharing!

Messenger International said...

Jennifer! We are so excited to hear you are going through Fight Like a Girl! May you experience transformation with this and flourish on every level!

With Love!