Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's "Week"

We had a very busy week for Valentine's Day!! So much so that when Saturday actually rolled around we were all over it!
Wednesday we had a party for the preschool aged kids at church where they passed out Valentine's and made a cute canvas bag for them. It was really fun to watch all of them.
.Thursday was Gavin's Valentine's Day party at school. Me, and another mom, were in charge and it was a bit chaotic! (probably being at nap time didn't help) They had fun playing games, make a "love bug" and of course eating cupcakes! It wore me out!!

Friday, Kris and I went out to a movie and dinner! It has been 4 years since we have been to the movies! We didn't care what we saw at that point. It was great to get out of the house and some time away from Gavin, but we talked about him the whole time and looked at his pics on the phone. Pathetic I know! We owe a big thank-you to aunt Julie and her friend Robyn for watching him so we could go. He played with Dani and Darcy and did not want to go. He has a thing for girls I am finding.
Saturday Gavin and I made sugar cookie hearts for him and daddy for Valentines Day. Another thing they have in common is a love for all things sweet!

So today, we have candy, balloons, decorations still hung, and I can honestly say we had the best Valentines Day ever!