Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip to the MD

Ok- I have mentioned in the past how Gavin LOVES going to the doctor. The last time we drove by it he started saying how his foot hurt and needed to see the doctor. Of course he was fine but the fact that anyone likes to go that much concerns me.
Today was no exception: "are we going now?" "Are we going yet"? It was quite annoying. He doesn't quite understand the workout I get from taking him. He is as wild as can be and knows no strangers so I am constantly corraling him to or away something.
We had to wait a bit longer than usual but we did find out that he has an ear infection and bronchitis (not pneumonia again). The chest x-ray went wonderfully. They couldn't believe how he knew what to do before they told him and he was so patient. The blood draw-not so much. When I told him we still had to get his blood drawn he said "I don't want to bleed". Broke my heart and made me smile at the same time. He whimpered like a puppy and then wailed while they did it. But I think he was actually worse after the "tourniquet" that they put on him to stop the bleeding. Completely unneccesary. His little arm was squished and red.

But he milked it all the same.We went to see Mamaw, Papaw, Jason, and Julie at work where he proudly announced that he "had got a bleed at the doctors office" and would you like to see it? We picked up Dani fom school and they played for a few hours so that was all the medicine he needed!


Laura Bullington said...

Jennifer I am glad to hear that little Gavin didn't have pneumonia again wish it wasn't the other either it stinks that the little guy is sick. Hope he gets to feeling better really soon...Skylar was sick last week with bronchitis and she had such a bad cough with it all but she is doing much better.

Rai and Shannon said...

Poor little guy! He may not like going to the doctor after today!