Monday, March 30, 2009

About Me (I've Been Tagged!)

I was tagged by Laura in her post and hope my answers are not TOO boring!! (thanks LB)

What is your blogger name?
When is your birthday?
March 15Th

How long have you been blogging?
Since Nov of '07 but continuously for about a year

Who tagged you?
Laura B

Tell me your five most favorite body parts.
Weird- on me my smile (don't have 5)

What do you wish most for your birthday?
Just to be with Kris and Gavin

What color are you nails right now?

Have you had any depressing thoughts lately?
What’s your plan for the next month?
get lots done before Summer

At what age did you have your first crush?
I have no idea!
Have you attended any school reunions?
only that of my mom's- I missed my 10 year reunion

Have you ever passed gas in public and pretended like you didn’t smell anything?

Are you a clean freak?
Yes but with a child.....

What era do you wish you were born in?

Are you a vegetarian?
NO but I could be

How many pillows do you sleep with at night?

Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?
that just depends

Do you secretly wear granny panties when your man is not around?
don't even own any

What is your ultimate dream job?
teacher or lawyer

What does your husband do that annoys you the most?
chews his fingers!

What is your dream car?
one that is paid for

Do you wake up easily in the morning?
depends on how Gavin slept the night before

Do you like hairy men?

How about a man with a goatee?
I have me a man with a goatee!

Which would you prefer: a two-hour spa massage, a two-hour Thai massage, or a two-hour foot massage?
Spa massage totally (since I am not sure what a Thai massage entails)

Have you ever wished you had a different name? If so, what name?

What is the most extreme sport you have ever done?
does motherhood count?

Do you prefer traveling in Europe or Asia?
have not done either but would probably prefer Europe

What is your favorite food?
Chinese (maybe I should reconsider my last answer!)

What is your most embarrassing moment while out on a date?
You can just copy and paste my questions and answers onto your blog and then erase my answers and fill in your own!


Southern Fried Gal said...

My hubby chews his fingers, too. It drives me nuts. He even does it in church - ewww.

Laura Bullington said...

Your answers were great Jennifer.. Oh gosh if David was to chew his fingers that would drive me nuts but we all do something that drive the other one a little nuts im sure.. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this.