Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Time Fishing!

Gavin went fishing for the first time on Sunday and he loved it! He was really patient considering what fishing is- throw it out and wait! Mostly he just threw it out and reeled it in but it was amazing how far that little booger could cast! The weather was so great to be out and he and daddy rode the 4-wheeler for a little while waiting to get started. He wants to go FAST!!

Unfortunately the fish weren't biting but Papaw managed to catch one that Gavin helped reel in and then just stared at it like "now what"?

In truth I think Gavin's favorite part was getting to ride over to the farm in the motor home. I think he might would move in it if someone asked.
There was one mishap that he didn't like and that was when me, him, and Papaw were in the ranger on the way to the smaller pond and we got stuck for a bit. The water was covering the floor and me and dad's feet and he looked up at dad and said "I want to go home". It was so sad and cute at the same time. I just carried him out and waited and he was fine- ready to go anywhere but home.