Saturday, March 28, 2009

Best Buds

Last Thursday my friend Anna called to see if we could meet at the mall for a playdate. We were already in Ft Smith so it was perfect timing. The boys love to play in the play area by the food court (as do about 25 other little heathens) so how could I say no? I got some cute pics of them playing but by far the best was when they were holding hands as we walked to The Children's Place. They were so cute and innocent and it made my heart melt.

Afterwards we talked them into to Chinese food and they ate like little piggies! I am so thankful that Gavin loves Chinese food-unlike his daddy.


Laura Bullington said...

These pic are so sweet there is nothing like having that great friend to share the best times with Gavin is gwoing up so fast.. And Chinese food is a must around our house any chance we get we like to eat it lol!