Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fine Television Programming

My 3 year old is the only person/child I know that is addicted to Tom and Jerry and Peanuts and the Gang! And I am using the correct term- addicted! He wants to watch them all the time. We finally had to break down and buy him some Tom and Jerry dvd's because it is rare to find it on television. The Charlie Brown movies are staples because of the holiday collections- but Aunt Julie added to the "problem" by buying Gavin one of the first Peanuts called "A Boy Named Charlie Brown". I know the words to all the songs by listening to it play in the backseat of the car and can repeat most of the conversations but I have never actually seen the movie.
Anyone else have a child with strange addictions?


Jacquelyn Denise said...

hey jen,
there is a channel on cox called boomerang. it has tom and jerry and all the old cartoons.