Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daily Ritual

For the past month or so I have been drinking hot green tea every morning. Gavin really hates the sound of the tea kettle when it starts to whistle but he has come to expect it now. He even says "Momma is that your hot drink?".

The first time I tried green tea was about 2 years ago and I HATED it! The taste, the smell, everything. But having heard forever the benefits of green tea I wanted to try it again. And I thought it might help a bit with my migraines since the caffeine level is relatively low compared to other beverages. (ok- now I sound like a weirdo!)
Lucky for me I have a friend through church that opened up a coffee shop that serves tea and tried it again. It was WONDERFUL! Just a little bit of honey added made all the difference in the world. SO this blog is a little thank you to Kat at "Kat's Gourmet Coffee" in Van Buren for not only helping me a little more healthy but for also allowing our relay meetings to be held there each month. What a blessing she is!


Anonymous said...

I have the decaf green tea and althought I can not stand sweet tea I add splenda to it to knock out the "wang"! Mindy taught me that one. lol