Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dibby Debils Anyone

This morning as Gavin is still lying in bed I asked him what he wanted for breakfast. First he said waffles which was a surprise. But he quickly changed his mind and said "I want Dibby Debils". Huh? I had NO IDEA what "dibby debils" was but it wasn't long until I was on my first quest of the day. He kept saying "Dibby Debils- that's what I'm talking about". I was laughing so hard and the more I laughed the louder he got. Finally, after taking him to the kitchen and letting him on the counter this is what I now know to be "dibby debils" (trademark still pending)

So after a healthy breakfast of "Dibby Debils"-no milk- and water, his request our day could begin.
And now as we are sitting outside enjoying this wonderful weather he has decided he wanted some more "Dibby Debils" and we now know that they make a great dog food as well!


Shelley said...

Too cute! I just love the things kids say that aren't quite right. Years from now you need to tell him about the Dibby Debils. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it.