Friday, April 10, 2009

Visiting the Easter Bunny

The joys of Easter would not be complete without a trip to your local mall to visit the Easter Bunny. Sitting there with his big cute ears and fluffy bunny tail. So adorable. This is what I saw:

This is what Gavin saw:

He has been wanting to go see the Easter Bunny so badly and couldn't wait to sit in his lap and get candy and bunny ears. Even this morning getting dressed and on the way he was so excited. But once we pulled in and exited the car--"I'm not sitting in his lap". "OK I said. Do you just want to stand by him?" "Yes".
After a 45 minute wait and aching legs (still from shingles) we finally get to "the bunny" and Gavin tries to run away! I was shocked! I did get him close enough to get a sucker from the basket but he never even got CLOSE to the Easter Bunny. Head down, hand in his mouth (his nervous habit) he just inched closer and closer to the gate to get out! Now, I have seen some parents throw their kids up there crying hysterically and that is just now how I roll! I just said "Ok, lets go eat". He didn't fight me!


Anonymous said...

LMBO!!!!! Those pics are hilarious!! Poor Gavin! LOL!

Southern Fried Gal said...

That's hilarious - sorry...

BTW - the word I am supposed to type for verification is PULAWDE - does Blogger understand my weed problems this year? Ha!