Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally Made It!

To 100 blogs that is! I wanted to celebrate with cake (who doesn't) but as I was searching for just the right one I just got more and more confused!!
Should I go the over the top route and try to confuse my friends and family with something like this bride did?

Then I realized that might be a bit much since it is just a blog celebration and not a wedding celebration.
Then I found this beauty. Now let me preface showing it to you by saying that I thought a lot about whether I should post it or not. Could be offensive to some readers (all 3 of them). But, I couldn't resist. I think just to prove to myself that I didn't dream it more than anything else. (besides, who doesn't need a laugh these days)
ok- the cake that keeps on giving:

Nothing more I can add.
And then I even thought about an ode to the cute little creatures that we associate with spring: the baby chick. Until I found this redition.

Not exactly cute and cuddly!
So, here is my final pick. My perfect celebratory cake that I think says a lot about who I am.

Ok, so ALL of that to say it's my 100th blog and to celebrate I am having a giveaway. What, you may ask? I haven't actually decided but even if it's a box of Kleenex, who doesn't like a good giveaway. Here's what you do to enter. Just leave me a comment. Get an additonal entry for every person who mentions the read it on your blog that is not already a reader.
Contest ends April 20th at midnight and the winner will be announced on the 21st.
(no purchase neccessary nor will bribes increase your odds of winning (but will be accepted), not valid in the Dominican Republic or Canada. Void where prohibited)


Anonymous said...

OMG! I am seriously laughing my butt off! Dani said Momma! What is so funny??? Why are you laughing followed by why do you have tears in your eyes!!! LOL!

Oh and ya know I want in!!

Steph said...

First, I love the cake (the second one) I soooo needed a good laugh today and i got it. Thanks HEHE. I do read your blog all the time, I am just not good at leaving comments.


Laura said...

You so crack me up..I know when I come by your page I will laugh or have a smile on my face when I am done with reading your blog. I try to come by and leave comments as much as I can.. Ok so I am gonna help ya out I am gonna try to figure how to link your blog to mine! So we can get your blog out there in the blog world where you will have tons of readers lol!!

Shelley said...

I'll have some of the second cake, please! Ha! Ha! I showed Bobby the cake and we both had a good laugh.

Please enter me in the giveaway!

Southern Fried Gal said...

Cracking me up. Congrats on your 100th post! Here's to many more!