Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny Delivers

Gavin had forgotten it was Easter morning when he woke up. He just kind of laid there in the bed telling me what he dreamed about and wondering out loud if Daddy was home. Then he made his way into the living room and screamed "Daddy he came, the Easter Bunny came. Come and see!" He was so excited. I barely got to my camera in time before he started tearing into the loot. He got a stuffed "Snoopy" dog, candy, a fishing game, a small "Tuck" figure from Wonder Pets, and a baseball bat and tee. You can only imagine how he and the bat have been getting along. Fast friends and partners in crime!

I did make a mistake and put Easter grass in his car basket. He got that stuff everywhere. I am still finding it today!


Anonymous said...

I hate that grass crap too! Looks like Christmas I must say! LOL!