Monday, April 27, 2009

Handy Helper

I am so behind on my blogging- but I got LOTS to blog about.

We have a 3 bedroom house and the extra bedroom is used as my scrapbook/craft room and our "office". I decided to trade rooms with Gavin becuase my room was bigger and then we could get the horse and train table out of our living room and back where they belong! That was about two weeks ago and I am STILL trying to get it back to some sort of normal.
Without as much closet space and room size I am really trying to purge. But we have a file cabinet that is a must and I desperately wanted to get it into the closet. I was having a problem so I had my helper husband assist me. When he told me he was finished I was soooooo excited!
This is what "finished" looked like:

Needless to say, we put it elsewhere!


Anonymous said...

Oh No He DIDN't!!!! That is too stinkin' funny and so something Daniel would do! Crazy nut! Glad you took a pic of this one!!