Friday, April 10, 2009

The Incredible Durable Egg

I never knew decorating Easter Eggs could be considered a contact sport until this evening. Gavin just doesn't seem to get the concept of "be careful they will crack". He was rolling eggs to us like they were bowling balls and knocking us out of the way so he could get them out of the dye. He LOVED it! We did 2 dozen eggs and he was still upset becuase "there's nothing left to color momma". We waited for daddy to get home so he could be in on the festivities (i.e. get the dye ready and help the kid so I could get pictures). What a sport.
Here are some of our magnificent creations- Martha Stewart beware!!

Try to ignore the cheetoh stained hands!

Really thinking about what this creation should be!

I think the sumo squat really adds something to the picture!


The Graves' House said...

looks like he had a great time with the egg dye:)