Sunday, April 5, 2009


We have been trying forever to fly Gavin's kite that we bought him this year. He has had kite's before but of the $1 variety- they flew but nothing spectacular. Then on our last trip to Sam's a few months ago Gavin saw the gigantic kites and begged for it. Knowing that Kris would have just as much fun with it as Gavin, we got it.

Gavin is not big on patience (we always joke he got it from his aunt Julie) so everyday "is it windy enough" was uttered at least once from his mouth. After several tries on Thursday we went to the farm and got enough wind for it to fly. Kris and Gavin had the best time and I loved watching them together even not feeling well at the time.


Laura said...

He looks like he is having such a great time! Glad is was windy out side so he could fly his kite!